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Free Debit Card

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Should I worry about Identity Theft?

Everyone needs to take steps to protect their information from identity theft.

For you, this means:

  • Keep your Debit Card in a safe place, and make sure you always know where it is. Don’t share your Debit Card PIN with anyone, and don’t write it on your card. Don’t write your PIN on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet. It’s only four numbers, so memorizing it should be easy.
  • Keep your checks in a safe place – they have your personal and account information on them. If you lose your checks or Debit Card, report it to us immediately. We’ll probably want to close your account and give you a new account and Debit Card for your safety.
  • Always log on to Online Banking from a trusted computer. If you walk away from the computer, be sure to log out of Online Banking. Shred any documents that have your personal and account information on them, rather than throwing them in the regular trash. Only use trusted bank ATMs and trusted online stores. When shopping online, make sure you’re on a secure site – the web URL will start with https or you should see a lock symbol on the lower right side of the screen.
  • Keep your social security card and birth certificate in a safe place (definitely NOT in your wallet!).

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